Hi, my name is Elma Reimer,

I am a happy wife, mother of 6 amazing children, and we have 6 lovely grandchildren.

My heart always goes out to those that struggle in life. By presenting this opportunity to others, I want to add value to those that are looking for great new ways to make a living online. There are often things we would love to do or things we need but the finances hold us back from doing what we love.

My life in the past has been living on a hobby farm growing our own eggs and meat like chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, and beef. I make butter, cheese and bake bread, and cook all the meals for the family.

My hobby is sewing and quilting, and I also love to travel.

I worked alongside my husband now for almost 40 years. He had a successful custom business, 5 years ago his business was taken from him. He was baffled, not knowing what to do next or what would make sense to start at this time and age.

So I was looking online to see if I could find something that I could do to help with income. I saw other online advertisements, but nothing appealed to me until I saw SFM. I realized this was something real with concerned people who wanted to help me.